Notice on the list published in 2014 in Guangdong province q

The country level listing, Shunde District food and drug administration, the relevant units of medical equipment, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and inspection and the evaluation and Certification Center,

            according to the "credit quality of Guangdong Province medical equipment manufacturing enterprises classified supervision work opinions" (Guangdong food and Drug Administration 2011 No. 110) the relevant provisions of the Guangdong province 2014 annual list of credit quality of a medical device manufacturing enterprise to be published. All the relevant units in accordance with the "on the implementation of the incentive mechanism of enterprise quality credit A-class production medical advice (Trial)" (Guangdong food and Drug Administration 2009 No. 167) the implementation of incentive measures.

Annex: 2014 annual list of quality credit a medical equipment manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong province

Guangdong provincial food and Drug Administration: 

in March 25th 1.8; "

A list of 2014 annual credit quality of medical equipment manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong province

(in alphabetical order)

1 Guangdong zeesan biological Polytron Technologies Inc

2 Fresenius Cabi (Guangzhou) medical supplies Co. Ltd.

3 Guangzhou Kuwait Biological Technology Co. Ltd.

4 Guangzhou Shuangyi latex products Co.,

5 Guangzhou bGH Biochem Co.,

6 Guangzhou Fenghua Bioengineering Co. Ltd

7 Guangzhou wondfo biotech Limited by Share Ltd

8 Guangzhou medical instruments Limited by Share Ltd

9 Guangzhou Jiang Yuan Medical Technology Co. Ltd.

10 Guangzhou anbiping medical Polytron Technologies Inc

11 Guangzhou Shanshan Medical Apparatus Co Ltd

12 Guangzhou trauer biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd

Guangzhou city 13 plus medical instrument manufacturing Co. Ltd.

14 Guangzhou Darui biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd

15 Guangzhou Hongqi Optical Instrument Technology Co.,

16 Guangzhou longzhijie Technology Co.,

17 Guangzhou three Swiss medical instrument limited company

18 Guangzhou Medical Technology Co. Ltd.

Maipu regeneration

19 Guangdong Shilian medical apparatus Co.,

20 Guangzhou Junfeng Medical Appliance Co. Ltd.

21 Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd Baiyun Mountain Jigong pharmaceutical factory

22 Zhongshan University David gene Limited by Share Ltd

23 silgen biotechnologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

24 Shenzhen MINDRAY Bio Medical Electronic Limited by Share Ltd

25 Shenzhen Anke high tech Limited by Share Ltd

26 Shenzhen Edan instruments Limited by Share Ltd

27 Shenzhen new industries biomedical engineering Limited by Share Ltd

28 Yeju medical instruments (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

The first 29 Health Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

30 Asia Energy Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

31 Shenzhen Lanyun Co Ltd

The 32 Shenzhen Open Technology Co.,

33 Limited by Share Ltd Shenzhen rayto life science

The 34 Shenzhen state health Bio Medical equipment Limited by Share Ltd

35 Wei Kang medical products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

36 yangzhijin dental equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

37 Shenzhen Osama Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

38 Shenzhen huitai Medical Equipment Co Ltd

39 Shenzhen sinothinker Technology Co., Ltd.

40 Shenzhen ante GAOKE Industrial Co.,

41 Shenzhen city Kangtai dental Audio Supplies Company Limited

42 Shenzhen Yishengtang biological Enterprise Co. Ltd.

43 Shenzhen Huakang Biomedical Engineering Co. Ltd.

44 Shenzhen city bolaote Biological Products Co Ltd

45 Shenzhen city Huian Biological Technology Co.,

46 Shenzhen Medical Technology Co Ltd

The 47 dragon Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

48 Shenzhen Contel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

49 Shenzhen aikerui Electric Co. Ltd.

50 Shenzhen Esaote Medical Technology Co. Ltd.

51 Shenzhen yikangzhgi Co.,

52 Shenzhen bo'en medical Audio Supplies Company Limited

53 Shenzhen Probe Technology Co.,

54 Shenzhen City Jin Rui Electronics Co.,

55 Cage Biological Engineering (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

56 Shenzhen Ya Huilong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd.

57 Zhuhai health sail biological Polytron Technologies Inc

58 Zhuhai hokai medical equipment Limited by Share Ltd

59 Guangdong baolaite medical Polytron Technologies Inc

60 Zhuhai Kangdelai Medical Instrument Co. Ltd.

61 Zhuhai Lizhu Reagent Co. Ltd.

62 Zhuhai Funiya Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

63 Zhuhai beisuo Biological Technology Co. Ltd.

64 Zhuhai silvertech Medical Engineering Co. Ltd.

65 Iraq Mathias Polytron Technologies Inc

66 Zhuhai doctoral medical instrument limited company

67 Zhuhai Deere Biological Engineering Co. Ltd

68 Zhuhai meiruihua Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

69 Zhuhai worm Electronics Co.,

70 Guangdong Lily medical Polytron Technologies Inc

71 Foshan special medical catheter Co., Ltd.

72 Foshan Qi Hui Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

73 Foshan Bo new biological technology Co., Ltd.

74 Shunde Changxin District Foshan ultrasonic equipment Co., Ltd.

75 Guangdong


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