Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality "third grade a weapon" l

In recent years, Guangzhou City food and drug administration relies on electronic monitoring system of administrative law enforcement and promote "systems + technology" corruption prevention mechanisms, promote JIU Feng achieved new success.

One is in the electronic monitor the depth and breadth of administrative law enforcement efforts. Comply with the institutional reforms needed, administrative law enforcement electronic surveillance tentacles further, administrative law enforcement links increased from 9 to 16, the city's "third grade a weapon" (foods, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices) electronic surveillance coverage of 100% law enforcement cases, greatly increased the density of monitoring of executive action, binding power more effectively.

Second, in innovative ways and to work hard. The implementation of "online supervision and offline supervision" mode, random check of all administrative law enforcement organization on a regular basis, call letters return, data comparison, measurement of the performance of the system work, verification of satisfaction and authenticity case entry. Administrative enforcement process of the omissions and supervising reflect style issues, problem rectification rate of 100%.

Third, in the strengthened accountability efforts. In Guangzhou's food and drug supervision and management system of administrative law enforcement electronic surveillance system (trial) on clearly defined roles and responsibilities, in accordance with the "who, who is responsible for handling" principle, more on electronic monitoring found in supervising, performance accountability and efforts to deal with the case, ensure accountability, accountability will check, wrong will ask. Increase the intensity of exposure to typical cases, actively carry out warning education, enhanced electronic monitoring comprehensive effect.

Four were in the expanded work efforts. On the basis of the previous work, Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality project launched an intelligent platform concerning the supervision of construction work. Through build thaw independent Commission against corruption risk troubleshooting system, and integrated electronic monitored system, and prevention corruption information collection system, and discipline monitored petition processing system, and anti-corruption daily affairs management system, for one, achieved has analysis judge, and warning error correction, and real-time monitored, and collaborative command, function of independent Commission against corruption intelligent of management platform, building "independent Commission against corruption risk information collection--analysis assessment--risk warning--track processing" four bit one of independent Commission against corruption risk "control network "To further enhance efforts to punish and prevent corruption intelligence.
At present, the Canton City Council to achieve administrative enforcement cases "zero exceptions" routine, quarterly performance measurement work remained in front, repeatedly, inform the Supervisory Board commended. The Guangzhou daily, food and drug administration, was based on the "third grade a weapon" law enforcement electronic surveillance coverage 100% for the title of the case, reported the full electronic monitoring work effectiveness, improving style-building level of relevant information. (Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality feeds)

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