A good network of clinical trials

The company's existing national clinical trial drug agencies network covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanning, Kunming, Lanzhou,, Xi'an, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei, Hangzhou, and Changchun.

Highly qualified professional team

A member of the company's audit respectively with medicine, pharmacy, nursing, statistics on the basis of specialization, and accepted norms of GCP training, with rich experience in clinical trials, work rigorous, responsible, practical.

High standards of quality management system

The company based on national GCP regulations, absorb the spirit of ICH and other relevant laws and regulations, complete quality monitoring and internal monitoring combined with quality monitoring and inspection related guarantee system.

Rich practical experience

Our company have undertaken many clinical trial monitoring, test design, data management, statistical analysis and so on various forms of cooperation.


《织梦帮模板网》诞生于2014年6月(www.dedesos.com),以提供分享精品织梦源码及织梦建站过程常遇到的问题解决方案汇总为主要宗旨。 《织梦帮模板网》内容涉及: 企业类织梦源码,门户类织梦源码,及工作室或博客类等基于织梦系统仿制等风格。 《织梦帮模板网》将向着共享化、全面化、专业化、深度化、免费化的多元方向发展,打造实用快捷的建站体验,为会员及用户提供高质量的服务。 《织梦帮模板网》感谢无数关注、支持我们的会员及各位访客们,感谢您们的信任。年轻的《织梦帮模板网》愿与同样充满活力的您,彼此相伴,共同成长! 《织梦帮模板网》只专心做一件事,便是做好的完整的织梦源码! 织梦帮模板网开站以来,尽管没有积累太多用户口碑和市场份额,但我们一直努力,每天保持更新各行各业好源码,让找织梦源码去dedesos.com已经成为很多织梦爱好者的习惯。


The Forbes Chinese potential companies list"

The Forbes Chinese potential companies list"

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Guangdong Province, the Ministry of education combined with

TV, and in the report on the two suites, three suites loans. The rich is good, you can buy two suites, three suites, and many small people, even the first set of houses can not afford. Is also reported on television, said a lot of Beijing d...



Dr Anthony Neoh, former Chairman of the SFC in Hong Kong vis

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Guangdong International Economic Association President Li Do

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